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Leasing a photocopier

Leasing a photocopier has never been so easy, we at coverresources are literally one phone call away.

We will always endevour to answer your call promptly efficiantly and with courtesy, our business supplies photocopiers on the basis of good old fashioned high quality service and amazing new technology that helps you improve your business and adds value to your company.

We guarantee a four hour turn around on any issues faced with breakdowns or malfunctions of your device. Nothing is to much trouble and we are here to serve your company in its printing needs.

Knowing what your needs are

We are happy to send in a fully qualified sales agent and have them do an onsite analysis of exactly what device your organisation requires.

We do our upmost to find you the right machine.

When leasing we always recommend that your accountant or financial advisor reviews the lease and approves the contract. Copier contracts can be somewhat complex and we believe in keeping things simple and keeping the agreement in a format that is easy to understand and gives you the best deal available in the market.

In reviewing your contract we are positive that you will be thrilled with our services.

Can i upgrade or downgrade my lease?

You are welcolme at anytime to adjust your lease, photocopiers are constantly the victim of new technology and we totally understand that new technology may be released that benefits your organisation.

We are more than happy to ugrade or downgrade your new lease.

Most of our contracts are for between 3-5 years and we endeavour to provide you a machine that will last the duration of the agreement.

If your device is problematic we gladly replace it with a device that will ensure smooth operation and we do not take customer complaints lightly.

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