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Lease Vs Buy

Leasing Vs Buying is always a great debate and many lean towards lease as the optimum choice for most businesses in Sydney. The argument is really pendant on your individual needs some businesses should absolutly be leasing while some would do much better with an outright purchase.


Photocopier Lease

Leasing is a great option if regular upgrades are required, to stay ahead some business actualy need to keep up with advances in technology. Most lease contracts will allow for regular upgrades as part of the contract. Also maximum tax benefits can be optimized from leasing. Most companies offer great leasing deals however the contracts are much more complicated and more easily to be lost and confused by. If your thinking about signing a lease contract and yu are unsure of exactly what you signing please contact us.

Buy a Printer

Buying a printer is an amazing option should your company or business not require regular upgrades. generally capitol rich companies will choose to purchase photocopiers. However with machinery changing so frequemntly with massive advancements in technology the Sydney printer market is not supporting an outright buy.

In the end it is your choose whether your business chooses outright purchase or lease. We strongly advise checking with your accountant or financial advisor before a descision is made.

We offer many choices of for the average business, what we generally do is make a no BS assesment of your business needs. From how many pages your organistation prints monthly to how much colour is used. One great advancement in recent etchnology is a colour counter which counts how much colour is used per print rather than charging every page as colour.

If saving money is a good thing check our weekly sales on photocopier machines.

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