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Our company history

We are a family run business who have been operating in Sydney for over 15 years. Most of our employees have been with us for over 10 years. We believe in relationships and giving everyone more than the market demands. We hold regular sales on all machinery and take great pleasure in being able to provide your company big or small with the absolute best deal on the market.

girl_holding_decal_paper_ias The huge trend in cost saving as of the last 3 years in Sydney photocopier industry has come from the change in paper choice for most Sydney businesses. Of old was high quality paper meant high quality print. As printer and photocopier machines have advanced the quality of print has also advanced we are happy to make recommendations on machinery fo the office that can best suiet this need if saving money is one of your businesses requirements.

Quality of machine

As times have advanced so has the quality of photocopier machine. However not all machines that print high quality images are necessarily good, some high quality print can be associated with extreme lag times between print and huge power bills. We only sell low energy consumption machinery providing you with the best financial gains in energy consumption.

We believe that having the best quality machines in the industry is a must and being on top of your game can be a massive financial advantage within the office. A Sydney photocopier lease provided by us will help your business thrive. A high quality machine will bring less down time to your business and we believe in quality of quantity. To often previously when have stocked cheaper machinery we have found that breakdowns are all to frequent and provide a point of fustration to you the client and our staff.

How to know if a machine is high quality?

Generally a quick google search will indicate if a machine is of high quality. Price can also be a great indicator if something is extremely cheap generally you will find there is a reason for such low pricing.


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